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Dance for Parkinson’s: More than just Exercise

Sarah Leversee,
Davis Phinney Foundation Blog Post

The Davis Phinney Foundation recognizes how much dance can add for people with PD living well today and asked Sarah to contribute to their blog.


Parkinson’s disease could be helped with exercise, study says

Monte Whaley,
Denver Post

"New research found that high-intensity exercise three times a week is not only safe for people with early-stage PD, it also decreases the worsening of motor symptoms."


Wayne & Sarah talk REDEFINING DANCER on KGNU Radio

Miriam Schiff, KGNU Radio

We had a wonderful time being interview by KGNU Metro host Miriam Schiff in September 2022.  We covered how Art as Action and Reconnect came to be, as well as what we've learned since becoming a physically integrative dance company.

Body Mind Mystery Review

Jane E. Werle,
Presenting Denver

"The unifying factor of the various artistic expressions and collaborations was a kind of joy: the type that is won, not given, and is richly layered with emotions and states of being that may seem to be joy’s opposite."


Workout of the Week: Reconnect

Aimee Heckel,
Daily Camera Boulder

"I loved seeing the change in energy & excitement. At first, many participants moved slowly. By the end, one woman was feeling so good she skipped out of class. You know what? Parkinson's or not, I felt like skipping out, too."


Radio Interview: Wayne A. Gilbert

Ryan Warner,
CPR Colorado Matters

"What struck me when I started dancing, was how it focused on what I could do -- When I'm dancing, when I'm making a poem, when I'm acting in a play, I can forget that I have Parkinson's for a little while."


Parkinson's Voice: Reconnect

Sarah Leversee,
Parkinson Association

"These courageous dancers make it to class even on days when it feels impossible, and they are met with a compassionate framework and a unique community that welcomes everyone just as they are."


Get Involved: KUNC Radio Interview

Karlie Huckels, KUNC Radio

“If you have any creative impulse at all, this is a way to explore and to come together with other creative people."



A.H. Goldstein,
Broomfield Enterprise

Young Artivists at Attention Homes

Joe Rubino,
Daily Camera

Mind Body in Motion Podcast

Susan Chandler,
KZKO Radio

Radio Interview: Sarah Leversee


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