our mission

Art as Action brings people together at the intersection of dance, (dis)ability and creative potential.

Founded in 2002, Art as Action (AaA) is a collaborative collective of Artivists— champions and ambassadors of the communal, universal, and healing language of art. AaA has successfully produced 16 multi-disciplinary shows, offering a creative springboard and performance cooperative that nurtures artists and inspires community engagement in the arts. Across these performances, AaA has unified diverse creative voices and genres through a collaborative framework: the Artivist Process.

The Artivist Process invites collaboration, sparks new ways of thinking, and provides a creative outlet for a wide variety of performers. The process is a safe, supportive environment where Artivists can take creative risks, build meaningful (and often unconventional) relationships and co-design the culminating Artivist Performance.

In 2011, AaA created a new arena for creative expression, launching Reconnect with your Body (Reconnect), dance for people with and without Parkinson’s disease (PD). What started as a small dance class has become a thriving multi-faceted program that includes weekly classes at two locations and community engagement  in the Parkinson’s and dance communities throughout Colorado.

Like AaA’s Artivist Process and Performances, Reconnect embodies AaA’s mission by making art accessible to anyBODY. Together, these facets of AaA use artistic expression to facilitate creative growth and personal transformation.

“Art as Action is a scrappy little nonprofit that's punching way above its weight class.”
- John Dean, Parkinson’s Disease Specialist

circle of 8 dancers, 7 women and 1 man, reaching their arms into the air, looking up and smilingMembers of the Reconnect class were invited to join The Artivist Process for the first time in 2014, an experience many would never have considered before Reconnect uncovered their inner performer. These dancers stepped further into their artistic potential and have had increasing influence on TAP over the years. All AaA company members have equal voice and those voices are amplified in the culminating performance through dance and spoken word. The inclusion of a wide range of performers contributes to a wide range of audience members, many who are not seasoned performance goers. Storytelling through spoken word integrated with dance maximizes audience understanding and ability to relate. The performances are enhanced with both recorded and live music.

AaA expanded its reach starting in 2016 through performances in the Parkinson’s and dance communities. Company members became ambassadors, spreading the joy, healing and community spirit of dance.

The development of the Reconnect program and integration of Reconnect participants into the company has transformed AaA’s multi-disciplinary performance collective into a physically integrative dance company for Artivists of all abilities.

Both The Artivist Process and Reconnect emphasize connection and community, nurturing an authentic sense of belonging for participants and performers, which extends to audience members. By providing an inclusive arena for a wide range of participants, AaA brings opportunities for any and every performer and offers the community an opportunity to experience humanity through art.

“(The AaA show) was exceptional. It communicated a powerful, beautiful, and integrated story of humanity. Dance, movement, and the expression of one’s heart and hopes is so healing and powerful. I want to thank AaA for providing the opportunity for dancers and community members like me to celebrate life and the artistic voice in all of us.”
- Mollie McGill, audience member

This dedicated nonprofit organization is a powerful creative agent entrenched in community.

Jane Werle Writer Presenting Denver

Art as Action is, by far, the most professional, passionate, and talented group I have worked with. They understand the issues at the heart of the local, regional, national, and global communities, and are using their talent and expertise to help raise awareness of those issues and make a contribution to our world.

Mike Hines musician and graphic artist

Art as Action is an amazing forum for artists to have an influential voice to change our increasingly tumultuous world.

Felicia Ohnmacht Photographer

Local and national artists bend the rules reaching toward one collective goal: widespread compassion, hope and peace for humanity. Witness the breaking down of social boundaries and the understanding and unity that ensues.

Vince Darcangelo Writer Boulder Weekly