Art as Action’s annual multi-disciplinary performances are created using our one-of-a-kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process. Each year, the show is created and performed by multiple artists around a common theme (past show themes include: body mind mystery, TENSION, both/and and many more.)

The Artivist Process invites collaboration, sparks new ways of thinking, and provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression for a wide variety of performers. Artists learn from each other’s expertise, experiment with cross-genre ideas and works, and co-design the culminating show.

This unique intensity of collaboration cultivates diversity, promotes high levels of groundbreaking artistry and results in powerful impact on artists and audience members.

Art as Action productions to date include our fifteen evening-length performances presented at Broomfield Auditorium, Dairy Arts Center, work|space Denver, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater and The Packing House Center for the Arts.

“Art as Action’s performance of body mind mystery is a collection of diverse pieces, chiefly collaborations. The unifying factor of the various artistic expressions and collaborations was a kind of joy: the type that is won, not given, and is richly layered with emotions and states of being that may seem to be joy’s opposite.” –Jane Perle, Writer, Presenting Denver (read full review here)


Artivist performances since our founding in 2002.

the moving project

November 23 & 24, 2019
at Colorado Conservatory of Dance



November 17 & 18, 2018
at Colorado Conservatory of Dance


I'm an Artivist because

I’m an Artivist because it connects me to a wonderful and inspiring community of people and because Art is how I heal.

Jen Hightower Performer

Whatever shape your creativity takes– or if you are interested in uncovering your creativity from wherever it has been hiding– Art as Action is an inclusive, welcoming movement that invites you to become an Artivist too!

Jane Perle Writer Presenting Denver

I’m an Artivist because it is an opportunity to be courageous.

Leann Roberts Performer and Board Member

Art as Action is one of the most innovative art shows to be found in Denver. If you can get a ticket, you will be one of the lucky ones. Thoughtfully provoking and equally charitable, this group can honestly say they use the power of collaborative art to create social change.

Tammy Abramovitz Audience Member

I am an Artivist because it breaks down damaging comparisons and builds up heartening connections.

Sarah Leversee Founder and Artistic Director

The whole show I was simply in awe . . . I have never seen a moving gallery put on stage like this. Not only was the choreography brilliant with bodies becoming stories of emotional struggles and sustainability but the written words were just as touching. Most importantly I left with the true definition of Artivist ingrained in my very being, now I am an Artivist!

Yvonne DiVita Audience Member

I’m an Artivist because Art leads us to understand our deepest emotions, to reach higher than we ever could imagine, and to use our greatest gift - our imagination.

Amy Dressel-Martin Performer and Board Member

I’m an Artivist because it helps me understand and interact with the world around me. (and it helped my mom!)

Taage Dressel-Martin Performer

What an honor to host (Art as Action) in Broomfield. Loved so much about this show.

Karen Gerrity Cultural Affairs Manager City and County of Broomfield

I’m an Artivist because I’d rather view the world through the lens of an artist—beautiful, even when it hurts, and full of possibility, magic, and connection.

Meghan Camp Performer and Board Member