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Art as Action (AaA) is redefining what it means to be a DANCER. For our company members, class participants and audience members:

  • Connection is more important than perfection, curiosity is more important than being right.
  • It is possible to honor your own body’s needs/limitations AND experience the expansiveness of dance.
  • The beauty, healing, and storytelling powers of dance are attainable for everybody.
  • Creativity is a human right.

“While disability and depression whispered: ‘You will never dance again,’ AaA literally saved my life. It mattered not that I needed the support of my wheelchair and braces to dance: I was welcomed into a community whose members understood the challenges of living with a debilitating condition and the power of dance to heal and challenge stereotypes. When I dance, I turn away from pain and limitation, toward hope and curiosity, creating a new identity. Dance has given us the power to transform not only ourselves, but those who bear witness to our journeys. I now dance in both worlds - (dis)abled and able-bodied. I am excited to be part of AaA’s initiative to foster greater collaboration with professional dancers and to continue to tell stories of loss and empowerment that challenge assumptions about (dis)ABILITY.” - Carol Cowley, Art as Action Company Member

We believe physically integrative dance is a vital part of any thriving dance community, and Art as Action holds an important role as the only company of its kind in the Northern Denver Metro area. Our company members are ambassadors of dance for every body: enthusiastic performers/advocates for our Community Engagement in both the Parkinson’s and dance communities; vital collaborators/performers in the annual Artivist Process/Performance and active attendees of Reconnect with your Body classes for people with and without Parkinson’s.

“(The AaA show) was exceptional. It communicated a powerful, beautiful, and integrated story of humanity. Dance, movement, and the expression of one’s heart and hopes is so healing and powerful. I want to thank AaA for providing the opportunity for dancers and community members like me to celebrate life and the artistic voice in all of us.” - Mollie McGill, audience member


“Every dance class, I feel the tether of Parkinson’s loosen. You beckon us to stretch beyond the stiffness of mind and body that inhabits us, binds us. You think we can dance, and so we dance, much to our surprise. Our fellow dancers exude a kind of joy that spreads to us all. PD falls away.” - Carol Jenkins, Reconnect with your Body class participant

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AaA’s performance of “body mind mystery” is a collection of diverse pieces, chiefly collaborations. The unifying factor of the various artistic expressions and collaborations was a kind of joy: the type that is won, not given, and is richly layered with emotions and states of being that may seem to be joy’s opposite.”

Jane Perle, Writer Presenting Denver