The Artivist Process is a creative framework developed over AaA’s 17-year history that invites collaboration, sparks new ways of thinking, and provides a creative outlet for a wide variety of performers. The process is a safe, supportive environment where Artivists can take creative risks, build meaningful (and often unconventional) relationships and create a compelling performance each year.

Whether you are a closet creative that is ready to venture out or a veteran artist who wants to go outside your box -  the ARTIVIST PROCESS is the place where Artivists are born and reborn - and find kindred spirits among a warm, welcoming, kick ass community.

The Artivist Process is used to create AaA’s annual show. Company members contribute piece ideas around a common theme. The structure includes milestones/deadlines that support the evolution and quality of work by rookies and seasoned artists. The workshop-style approach enables performers to provide input and feedback, shaping and strengthening each piece and weaving the show together into a cohesive narrative. The nurturing, collaborative environment makes even the biggest artistic leap feel possible. Each company member plays a role in the “collective curation,” creating a dynamic show from a wide variety of artistic voices.

"Being a part of the Artivist Process and Performance took me on a long journey, altering my inner being. As I danced and spoke my words on stage, I no longer felt invisible. I realized I had become invincible,"
- Margie Dahlin, AaA company member