the philosophy of Artivism

Artivists champion the communal, universal, healing language of ART.

I’m an Artivist because all it takes is one person to connect many.
– Kim Crecilius

Artivism emboldens the distinct, rare creativity deep within each individual.

I’m an Artivist because others’ creativity inspires my own creativity. I become an artist through that inspiration, the opportunity to work in community, and the permission to s-t-r-e-t-c-h into courage and exploration. 
– Jan Leversee

The Artivist Process is the method of discovering, cultivating and supporting everyone’s inner artist in a collaborative environment.

I’m an Artivist because it helps me understand and interact with the world around me. (and it helped my mom!) 
– Taage Dressel-Martin

Art awakens our empathy.

I am an Artivist because it breaks down damaging comparisons and builds up heartening connections.
– Sarah Leversee

Humans heal and are healed in the service of art and creativity.

I’m an Artivist because playing is as important to life as breathing.
– Karen Horan

Art helps us understand that which is bigger than ourselves

I’m an Artivist because it is an opportunity to be courageous.
– Leann Roberts


I belong to a community of artists that help me understand that my ideas have meaning. Art as Action gives me a purpose: to support artists through the creation of images. When I help artists to be their best selves, my doubts go away and I own my place as an Artivist. 
- Annabelle Denmark, official Art as Action photographer