redefining DANCER workshop

Sunday, June 2, 1-4pm at Colorado Conservatory of Dance in Broomfield
redefining DANCER workshop

The traditional identity of “dancer” is limited and difficult to attain. If you have spent your life in this narrow lane of dance, we invite you to join us for an afternoon of brainstorming, creating and moving your body from a whole new perspective.

Many companies in the dance and disability community identify as “physically integratED.” Art as Action describes our company as “physically integratIVE," demonstrating our commitment to a lifelong learning process. We are constantly adapting and evolving our offerings to meet the needs of our dancers and create spaces that are ripe for connection, collaboration and creativity where all bodies are welcome and all voices are valued:

  • Connection is more important than perfection, curiosity is more important than being right.
  • It is possible to honor your own body’s needs/limitations AND experience the expansiveness of dance.
  • The beauty, healing, and storytelling powers of dance are attainable for every body.
  • Creativity is a human right.

Being physically integrative is a practice; it is a vital part of our creative process. We have learned that adapting and translating choreography in response to physical difference and/or the need for support (using someone’s hand, a chair, cane or other device) actually expands opportunities for creativity and collaboration, and results in truly original work.

This three-hour workshop will be an interactive dive into integrative dance. We’ll move through a Reconnect with your Body warm up, get an introduction to the Artivist Process,  brainstorm about our 2019 show theme “the moving project” and break into small groups to create movement using integrative dance tools and methods.

This is the first step of our 2019 Artivist Process, working toward our November show, “the moving project.” This can be a stand-alone experience for curious dancers, or the initial spark that inspires you to join our company.

OUR MISSION: Art as Action brings people together at the intersection of dance, (dis)ability and creative potential.

This workshop costs $35. If you continue with the Artivist Process/Performance, that will be applied to the $35 Artivist Participation fee. (in other words, if you attend the workshop, your participation fee is covered!) You can pay at the door (checks to Art as Action) or online via PayPal. (if this is cost prohibitive for you, please reach out to We don't want money to get in the way of anyone participating!)