December 5 & 6, 2014 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

Art as Action’s exceptional collective of dancers, poets, musicians, visual artists and aerialists delved into the theme of both/andthrough Art as Action’s one of a kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process, culminating in an innovative and impactful multi-disciplinary performance.

both/and was an exploration of dichotomies - instead of fixating on either/or, black/white - embracing the gray of our existence and making peace with uncertainty. both/and was our 12th performance created through The Artivist Process.

The Artivist Process distinguishes Art as Action from other performing arts organizations. Made up of monthly brainstorming sessions and in-progress showings, the Process brings together a community of curious, passionate and dedicated people who explore the diverse aspects of the human experience through the theme (both/and), and in turn discover how to impact the community, support each other and produce ground-breaking work.

Contributing Artivists

MUSIC: Leann Roberts, Kim Ozlo, Ian Cooke, Ian O'Daugherty
WORDS: Lo Larocque, Jan Leversee, Dwight Grosvenor, Annie Piatt
DANCE: Adrienne Dahms, Amy Dressel-Martin, Amy McClure, Chloe DiVita, Miah Thornton, Erica Martin, Jan Leversee, Joy Jackson, Mary Lane, Ryder Turner, Sarah Leversee, Wayne Gilbert, Whitney Waugh
ACRO/AERIAL: Heather Passe, Austin Goodman, Jen Cameron
ANIMATION: Adam Singer | PHOTOS: Annabelle Denmark Photography