the moving project

Saturday November 23 at 7:30pm & Sunday November 24 at 4pm
Colorado Conservatory of Dance
3001 Industrial Lane, #12, Broomfield, CO 80020

what moves you?
how do you move through the world?
what systems/symptoms exist that complicate/obstruct your ability to move freely?
what needs to move through you?
how can we move other people?
moving bodies
moving boundaries
moving expectations
moving boxes/baggage

the moving project is a collaborative dance + spoken word + music show created at the intersection of performing arts, (dis)ability & creative potential.


"(Art as Action) took us on a journey through truths and stories of the vulnerable and resilient dance of being human. I felt part of the journey woven into the circle of performers verses just simply watching a performance. I was moved to tears, struck by the strength, the joy, the questions and the hope that was shared, moved and danced.

"(Art as Action) clearly holds an intentional, safe, potent space for people of many walks and ways of life to cultivate such a moving performance. We left the show feeling inspired by how ritual theater art can serve to transform, uplift and rise up hope in all of us!" 

- Jennie Gershater, audience member at our 2017 show