Founder & Artistic Director

I’m an Artivist because witnessing others discover their creative genius fuels my existence.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Every little step from the very beginning!

CREDENTIALS: Sarah has wide-ranging nonprofit management experience, and years of success in providing finance, marketing and organizational support to a variety of small businesses and nonprofits. Striving to be a “functional artist”, Sarah places a high value on passion and creativity in process and is also deeply committed to efficiency and excellence in results.

In addition to her years with AaA, Sarah has a diverse choreographic and performance background and extensive experience teaching dance to all ages. Sarah trained with Dance for PD® founding teacher David Leventhal and was awarded a Stanley J. Wertheimer Fellowship, which provides in-depth training and mentorship to exceptionally qualified teachers offering high quality dance classes modeled after Dance for PD®.

PERSONAL ASIDES: Sarah first explored her Artivism as a dancer during childhood and added the director/producer layer with her original high school production of OUTLET – celebrating female artists. 20+ years later, the addiction to living a creative life shows no sign of letting up.



Artivist Sage

I’m an Artivist because because life is just too short for me now to NOT be an artivist—it’s a way to turn pain into beauty and share the beauty w/others!

HISTORY WITH AaA: I’ve been in every show, and served on the very first board of directors. I co-founded Reconnect with Your Body and currently serve on the Programs Committee.

CREDENTIALS: Wayne taught creative writing, literature and composition for 34 years. Since 1996, Wayne has also been an adjunct graduate professor of educational psychology. He currently works with two alternative residential teacher preparation programs.

In 2005, Wayne was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. For Wayne, creativity is essential for living with Parkinson’s.

In addition, Wayne is a member and co-founder of Us-in-a-Box Theatre Workshop. Wayne is also a published poet, and well-known in the Denver areas for his dynamic readings of his own work.  He has published two books of poems, magmamystic and From the Ashes.

PERSONAL ASIDE: Wayne is also known as Grampa Wayne, Magmapoet, Dad and Babe. These are special names w/mystical powers.



Board President, Performer

I’m an Artivist because it's the best example I can set.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Dancing with Art as Action since 2009, and performing since 2010. Currently serving as the President of the Board after 2 years as Treasurer.

CREDENTIALS: Chloe is a recovering accountant who now works in the pet industry helping brands and bloggers better the world for pets. She is currently the Director of Events and Programs for Pet360. She danced and did gymnastics growing up and continued her dance passion as an adult ultimately finding a home with Art as Action.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I am slightly obsessed with pets, especially dogs



Board Member, Programs Committee, Performer

I’m an Artivist because it’s not just about me.

HISTORY WITH AaA: This is my fourth show as a Reconnect with Your Body dancer for the Art as Action show, and I am super excited to be a part of this talented group. I am also on the Programs Committee and am inspired by the meaningful work produced through Art as Action.

CREDENTIALS: Willingness to be an amateur dancer in front of an audience.

PERSONAL ASIDES: Special thanks to my family who are all amazing supporters, except the cat, he’d rather I just stay home.

INFORMAL SPOKESPERSON FOR: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease—I’m happy to talk to anyone considering this option, which has been a lifesaver for me.



Programs Committee, Performer

I’m an Artivist because it helps me remember my whole self.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Supporter from the beginning with an easing into creating and performing. I am a co-founder of Reconnect with your Body.

CREDENTIALS: Jan is a therapist, and also mentors early childhood educators through Red Rocks Community College. She came to the arts through her dancing daughters and is so grateful to have the opportunity to be/come an artist, too. She was also “Miss Talent” in the Miss CHS pageant in 1970.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I am grateful for the amazing people who are fellow artivists and those who are loyal supporters. How lucky am I that many are forever friends and family members?



Board Member, Programs Committee, Performer

I’m an Artivist because I get to perform with talented, inspiring people, and I come alive.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Long time supporter and current board member. This is my fifth year as a performer.

CREDENTIALS: Leann works at Horizons K-8 in Boulder as a para teaching 3rd/4th graders. Her desire to perform was inspired by watching her daughters perform: Sharla, a ballroom dancer, and Andrea, a jazz pianist. She is a graduate of Rebecca Folsom’s “vocal mastery apprenticeship” program.

PERSONAL ASIDES: Since the emergence of my hidden passion for singing and performing, I am eagerly following this exciting path of self-discovery. Art as Action has been a huge part of this incredible journey, and I’m so grateful for all the love and support of my fellow artivists.


Meghan CAMP

Board Member, Performer

I’m an Artivist because art reminds us of our magic--it's the extraordinary thread that runs through each of us and connects us to each other

HISTORY WITH AaA: I’ve been a board member for nearly two years, and 2016 was my first year performing!

CREDENTIALS: Meghan brings a background in nonprofit operations, fund development, strategic planning and program evaluation to Art as Action. Currently, Meghan works with JVA Consulting as the Manager for Organization Development and Planning, where she helps social sector organizations develop actionable strategies to maximize their impact. She holds a BA in English from Virginia Tech and a Master’s of Public Administration from the CU Denver. As a writer, singer and former dancer, she has both an understanding and a passion for the transformative power of art and is deeply committed to enhancing Art as Action’s presence in the community as a leader and facilitator of all artists’ creative expression and experience.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I joined Art as Action because I wanted to plug back into a creative tribe. There’s accountability here—you’ve gotta show up—and there’s also an incredible amount of support, compassion, and love. We’re doing our small part to make the most of this life we have here together!



Board Member

Carol Bandura COWLEY

Reconnect Performing Company

I’m an Artivist because Dance + Music + Community = loving inclusion that sustains, nurtures, and creates such joy!

HISTORY WITH AaA:A member since May, 2017, when my wheelchair and I were welcomed with open arms.

CREDENTIALS: BA (psych); MSN; Maternal Mental Health; Womens Health Nurse Practitioner for 32 yrs; former "40 Women over 40" dance company member, and survivor of A Period of Darkness, when Disability had me believing that I would never dance again.

PERSONAL ASIDES: At 45, I was blind-sided by a rare adult-onset form of muscular dystrophy. I went from a life of traveling, dancing, and working in a career I loved, to a life dominated by isolation, chronic pain, and a wheelchair. I was ill-prepared for this journey--to learn to accept and honor a body I no longer trusted and to discover new ways to find meaning, community, and identity in the face of losing so many things I loved.  When I lost my way, Dance helped illuminate a path out of darkness, and continues to light the way forward.




I’m an Artivist because it allows me to fail and enjoy it.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Performer for ~7 years, tech director for ~5, supporter from the beginning before it was cool.

CREDENTIALS: Dave is a calibration and test engineer at the University of Colorado, and gets his art on by playing bass and doing tech stuff for shows. Dave would like to thank coffee for making this all possible.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I finally understand that it is the journey itself, not reaching the destination, that is the point.



Reconnect Performing Company

I am an Artivist because dancing makes me feel alive.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Dancing with my fellow artivists for over 3 years now

CREDENTIALS: BA in Biology UNC and AD in Nursing Front Range Community College.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I am very grateful for the love and support from all my fellow artivists.


Annabelle DENMARK


I’m an Artivist because my life would be terribly dull without my performers.

HISTORY WITH AaA: 5 years of amazing promo shoots, emotional dress rehearsals and a deep pride and belonging to the artistic community

CREDENTIALS: The city of Thornton sends me an email with the “best of Thornton” photographer award every year. I don’t understand what that means. I want to be in the “insanely crazily scary” photographer award section.

PERSONAL ASIDES: The dancers and performers I photograph are “My performers”, I feel a special connection to them I feel grateful and proud to be part of this amazing artist community. Thank you!!




I’m an Artivist because: I have loved movement and dance ever since I was little as a way to emotionally, physically and creatively express and convey what I feel in my heart, when words haven't felt like enough.

HISTORY WITH AaA: This will be my third performance!

CREDENTIALS: BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from CU Boulder

PERSONAL ASIDES: Deep gratitude to Leann and Jon for helping to cast the spell and imbuing this piece with life and mystery.




I’m an Artivist because it pushes me to explore every corner of myself and how I fit in this beautiful, unpredictable world.

HISTORY WITH AaA: I stumbled upon Art as Action through researching dance therapy. I met Sarah at her Reconnect with Your Body class and have considered her a role model ever since.

CREDENTIALS: A four year old once told me I was a “beautiful mermaid dancer princess fairy” and those words have never left my heart. I am the daughter of two park-ranger parents, backpacked (part of) the Continental Divide, can and will listen to a favorite song until I absolutely hate it, and still read the printed newspaper from time to time.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I am so honored to have been included in this pool of massive talent. The Artivist process is an experience I won’t soon forget.



Reconnect Performing Company

I am an Artivist because dancing makes me feel alive.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Dancing with my fellow artivists for over 3 years now

CREDENTIALS: BA in Biology UNC and AD in Nursing Front Range Community College.

PERSONAL ASIDES: I am very grateful for the love and support from all my fellow artivists.



Reconnect Performing Company

I am an Artivist because I’ve discovered the creativity that lives inside of me.

HISTORY WITH AaA: Recently joined in the Spring, 2016

CREDENTIALS: degrees in human biology, psychology and nursing. Dance background includes ballet, ballroom and folkdances of Western and Eastern European countries.

PERSONAL ASIDES: There is a blessing in living with Parkinson’s. It has taken me on a new path of discovery which led me to my “Reconnect” family and Sarah Leversee. My soul is full!