art·ist: A person who by virtue of imagination and talent creates works of art.

ac·tiv·ist: A person who takes intentional action to bring about social change.

Ar·tiv·ist: A person who changes the world by penetrating the collective consciousness through art and collaboration.

Art as Action performances and programs nurture and cultivate a wide range of Artivists: from veteran performers experimenting with a new genre to closet artists just discovering their creative potential; from people with Parkinson’s who uncover their inner dancer to at-risk youth finding a safe space to explore their place in the world.

Art as Action is an artistic outlet for performers, Young Artivists and Reconnect with your Body dancers and an incredible and thought-provoking experience for our audiences. Art as Action is the place where Artivists come alive and discover their own potential for creativity and connection. Read Living a Creative Life is a Practice, end of year reflections on Artivism from our Founder and Artistic Director, Sarah Leversee.

the World needs ART. art needs YOU.

Join the Artivist Movement and become an integral part of Art as Action. DONATE to Art as Action and provide access to Creativity, Collaboration & Community for Artivists in Boulder, Denver & beyond.

our mission
Art as Action creates arenas for discovering, inventing and experiencing collaborative art in a dynamic community.

Reconnect with your Body Dance Classes
Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm at Apex Community Center, Arvada
NEW CLASS! Mondays 9:30-10:45am at Colorado Conservatory of Dance, Broomfield starts in April

Learn more about who we are, what we do and how to get involved, contact us with any questions, feedback or ideas and check us out on Facebook and Twitter. ARTIVIST CALENDAR OF EVENTS

“The whole show I was simply in awe . . . I have never seen a moving gallery put on stage like this. Not only was the choreography brilliant with bodies becoming stories of emotional struggles and sustainability but the written words were just as touching. Most importantly I left with the true definition of Artivist ingrained in my very being, now I am an Artivist!" - Art as Action Audience Member

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