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We are so incredibly proud of our latest show, a collaborative dance + music + spoken word performance featuring the Artivists of Art as Action,  which debuted November 18 & 19 in Broomfield, Colorado.


Reconnect with your Body

An unlikely group of dancers come together to revel in the healing powers of dance that are beneficial & enjoyable for every BODY, including those with Parkinson’s disease.

Dance for every BODY


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Every Monday & Wednesday

Reconnect with your Body Class

Dance has a reputation of being available to a select few: those blessed with a particular body type, the privilege of expensive training and the rare talent to master challenging technique. Every Wednesday afternoon, an unlikely group of dancers comes together and defies convention to revel in the healing powers of dance that are beneficial and enjoyable for every body, including those with Parkinson’s disease.

Reconnect with your Body classes empower participants to discover new ways to move by teaching how to think like a dancer, connect with your breath and find radical compassion for often ailing body parts.

Artivist News

ARVADA, CO - JANUARY:  Karen Talcot, second from right, takes part in a Reconnect with your Body dance class at APEX Community Recreation Center on January 24, 2018 in Arvada, Colorado. Talcot, who has had Parkinson's for seven years takes several exercise classes a week including the Reconnect With Your Body class which is every Tuesday afternoon. This is a dance class that emphasizes a lot of rhythmic movement. The University of Colorado produced new research that says hard, physical exercise can stall the onset of Parkinson's Disease. Treadmills, fast walking, no-contact boxing and dancing are just some of the exercises people can use to stave off Parkinson's disease.  The class is taught by Sarah Leversee. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

Parkinson’s disease could be helped with exercise, study says (Denver Post article)

It doesn’t take long after she begins gliding across the dance floor that Karen Talcott forgets she has Parkinson’s disease. Her physical symptoms, including stiffness, pain and tremors on the right side of her body, quickly evaporate once she focuses on the music in her almost daily dance classes. She also breaks other shackles brought on by Parkinson’s. “The dancing also helps with fear, anxiety and depression,” Talcott said. “It’s the best medicine ever for this thing.”

New research led by scientists at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Northwestern Medicine appears to back her claim. They found that high-intensity exercise three times a week is not only safe for people with early-stage Parkinson’s disease, it also decreases the worsening of motor symptoms.

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