Young Artivists

The Young Artivists program (YA) brings the power of The Artivist Process to youth. More than lessons in specific disciplines, YA promotes artistic experimentation, creation and communication with others. YA was first launched at Attention Homes Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter in 2013-2015.

--> Find your own distinctive artistic voice
--> Explore various types of art, methods of expression &
     where they intersect
--> Work with experienced Artivists

Young Artivists is an opportunity for youth to find their artistic voice and work with experienced Artivists. The Artivist Process provides an empowering environment for artistic experimentation and collaboration and YAPL extends this structure to young people. Young Artivists provides participants the chance to explore a variety of art genres, methods of expression and where they intersect. More than just lessons in specific disciplines, Young Artivists promotes artistic experimentation, creation and communication with others. Art as Action’s Artistic Director, in collaboration with Artivist Mentors, facilitates Weekly Artivist Sessions at Attention Homes.

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Young Artivists:

Given the limited accessibility to art in schools, artistic expression is often not available to young people. Youth have similar feelings of fear and frustration as adults about what is going on in the world, but they often don’t have an outlet to work through those feelings. Artivism and collaboration have been incredibly powerful for our adult performers and we strongly believe that it can inspire youths and continue for their lifetimes.

“Art as Action has been the most successful arts implementation to the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program to date. It has been such a joy to see youth be able to test their own boundaries in a safe space while expanding their creative abilities. It is so important that they have healthy outlets through both art and movement and Art as Action has created the perfect space for it.”
- Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Manager, Attention Homes

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