How to Join the Artivist Movement:

  1. Create, Collaborate or Perform in an upcoming Art as Action performance and learn about The Artivist Process.

  2. Volunteer your time and expertise as a Board Member, Committee Member or backstage help.

  3. Make a Donation or Become a Sponsor. Contribute to Art as Action and provide access to Creativity, Collaboration & Community for Artivists in Boulder, Denver & beyond. Art as Action is made possible in large part by support from art lovers, friends, community members & local businesses.

  4. Advertise in Art as Action Playbills. Expose your business to art-loving, local business supporting audience members by advertising in our show programs. Ads start at just $75.


King Soopers Reloadable Gift Cards benefitting Art as Action

Art as Action is now enrolled in the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program! Here's how it works:

Order a $25 King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card from Art as Action (which is $25 for you to spend at KS)
#2 Load the card at the cashier before you buy your groceries, gas or prescriptions
#3 - King Soopers will donate 5% of all of reloaded card purchases back to Art as Action!

There are no hidden charges and no cost to the customer or AaA - if you load $100 on your card, you'll have $100 to spend. You can purchase as many cards as you like - if you have friends and family that shop at King Soopers, buy them one!

$25 + $1 shipping.


Shop on Amazon AND support Art as Action

Here is an awesome both/and for you: You can shop on Amazon AND support Art as Action!! As a growing organization we are always looking for creative and collaborative ways to raise money to support our programs - this is great one!

  1. Click on this link, search for "Art as Action" (we are on the second page of results).
  2. Select Art as Action as your non-profit for Amazon Smile
  3. Use that link any time you shop on Amazon and .05% of your purchase will support Art as Action!

TENSION Performance DVD

TENSION was performed Friday October 9 and Saturday October 10, 2016 at 8pm at Broomfield Auditorium in Broomfield, CO. TENSION was a 100% original work, Art as Action’s 13th performance created through our one-of-a-kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process. TENSION was more than just one type of art, one solitary perspective, one individual’s artistic vision. It was a collaborative performance featuring Art as Action’s exceptional collective of Artivists, exploring tension - the build up, the release and everything in between.

DVDs of the performance are available for $10 + $2 shipping.

Video by dressel-martin mediaworks.




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T-shirts run small, we recommend ordering one size larger than you would normally wear. (i.e. if you normally wear a Small, order a Medium)








"Art as Action is, by far, the most professional, passionate, and talented group I have worked with. They understand the issues at the heart of the local, regional, national, and global communities, and are using their talent and expertise to help raise awareness of those issues and make a contribution to our world."
- Michael Hines, musician and graphic artist

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